Probably the first gin cocktail invented was a simple mix of gin and Angostura Bitters, which is credited to the captain and surgeon of the HMS Hercules in the early 1800s, followed by its use in the still-popular Pimms in the middle of the 19th century. This time period also saw it first mixed with lime, as a way to help combat the threat of scurvy in sailors. Mi In 1874, the first Tom Collins was served in London, still a popular item in any London cocktail bar – soon followed by the dry martini. Early in the 1900s saw the first Singapore Sling and the Negroni – those old fashioned gin cocktails have truly stood the test of time. Mi


Glass: 12oz highball
Ingredients: 50ml Hunters Gin
Fresh pressed apple juice
10ml Elderflower cordial
Garnish: Slice of apple
Method: Fill glass with ice, add the Hunters and elderflower, fill to the top with apple juice and then add the garnish.
truly exceptional

Mr Hunter and Mr FitzPatrick

Glass: Large wine glass
Ingredients: 50ml Hunters Gin
50ml Mr Fitzpatrick Rose Hip and Rhubarb Cordial
Fresh lemon (2 wedges)
Garnish: Rhubarb and/or apple peel
Method: Fill glass with ice, add cordial, Hunters and freshly squeezed lemon, top with soda. Add garnish.
truly stylish


Glass: Champagne flute
Ingredients: 10ml Hunters Gin
10ml Fresh lemon
5ml Sugar syrup (Gomme)
Garnish: Lemon peel twist
Method: Shake the gin, fresh lemon and sugar syrup together then pour into the base of the flute. Top with chilled prosecco and add garnish.
truly classic


Glass: 12 oz Collins glass
Ingredients: 50ml Hunters Gin
25ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Sugar
Garnish: Lemon wedge
Method: Add ice to the glass, then shake together over ice the gin, lemon and sugar. Pour straight into the glass and top with soda. Finish with the lemon garnish.
truly fruity


Glass: Whisky glass
Ingredients: 35ml Hunters Gin
15ml Fresh lemon juice
15ml Apple brandy
15ml Sugar syrup
10ml Chambord
Garnish: 3 blackberries, 3 slices of apple peel
Method: Add ice to the Boston glass, then add all ingredients excluding the Chambord. Shake and strain over crushed ice. Pour the Chambord over. Place garnish together with apple slices and blackberries.
truly sublime


Ingredients: 1 Dash of orange bitters
70ml Hunters Gin (frozen)
15ml Dry Vermouth
Garnish: Lemon twist
Method: Chill the martini glass by filling with ice cubes. Add ingredients into a Boston glass and shake hard. Discard the ice from the Martini glass and strain cocktail into the glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.